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Known Scientist List  Science Decor

Known Scientist List

A scientist is a person who uses science and conducts research to advance knowledge. Scientists are involved in fields such as the natural sciences, abstract sciences, applied arts, sciences, mathe...

Newton's Laws of Motion  Science Decor

Newton's Laws of Motion

Also called Newtonian mechanics or classical mechanics, Newton's laws of motion are often used in the treatment of mechanics exercises. In other words, they are well known to high school students, ...

Gyroscope how does it work ?  Science Decor

Gyroscope how does it work ?

A gyroscope is an instrument that is used to maintain or conserve the orientation and angular velocity of an object. To do this, it uses the principle of conservation of angular momentum orientatio...

The Rarest Crystals in the World  Science Decor

The Rarest Crystals in the World

The world's rarest crystals are so valuable that they can be used as investment items or currency. They are also sometimes sought after for their unique energies and powerful properties. Gemstones ...

Meteorological Phenomena  Science Decor

Meteorological Phenomena

All over the world, there are countless meteorological phenomena that, at any time, can occur. These phenomena can have both positive and negative impacts on human societies and ecosystems. There i...

Electromagnetic levitation  Science Decor

Electromagnetic levitation

Have you ever heard of Maglev trains in Japan, or Transrapids in Europe? Are you familiar with magnetic levitation trains? These are trains that "levitate" on the rails thanks to a magnet field. In...