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Magnetic Perpetual Calendar Science DecorMagnetic Perpetual Calendar Science Decor
Sale price$39.99
Klein bottle Science DecorKlein bottle Science Decor
Sale priceFrom $29.99
Storm Glass Science DecorStorm Glass Science Decor
Sale priceFrom $24.99
Scientific Metal Gyroscope Science DecorScientific Metal Gyroscope Science Decor
Sale price$19.99
6 Face Prism Science Decor6 Face Prism Science Decor
Sale price$19.99
Spinning Top Gyroscope Science DecorSpinning Top Gyroscope Science Decor
Sale price$15.99
Magnetic Solar System Science DecorMagnetic Solar System Science Decor
Sale price$22.99
Storm Glass Weather Station Science DecorMetal Station Crystal Barometer Science Decor
Sale price$62.99
Slow Motion Frame Science DecorSlow Motion Frame Science Decor
Sale price$99.99
Colorful Magnetic Hourglass Science DecorColorful Magnetic Hourglass Science Decor
Sale price$29.99
Newton's Pendulum Infinite Science DecorNewton's Pendulum Infinite Science Decor
Sale price$199.99
Crookes Radiometer Transparent Science DecorCrookes Radiometer Transparent Science Decor
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Lava Lamp Science DecorLava Lamp Science Decor
Sale price$59.99
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Storm Cloud Science DecorStorm Cloud Science Decor
Sale price$39.99
Newton's pendulum Science DecorNewton's pendulum Science Decor
Sale priceFrom $18.99
Crookes Radiometer Orange Science DecorCrookes Radiometer Orange Science Decor
Sale price$44.99
Periodic Rubik's Cube Elements Science DecorPeriodic Rubik's Cube Elements Science Decor
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Pendulum of Newton Rings Science DecorPendulum of Newton Rings Science Decor
Sale price$39.99 Regular price$44.99
Spherical Hourglass Science DecorSpherical Hourglass Science Decor
Sale priceFrom $78.99
Pendulum by Newton Design Science DecorPendulum by Newton Design Science Decor
Sale price$24.99

Discover the Best Science Gifts for Budding Scientists!

Welcome to, where we make it easy to find the perfect science gifts for the curious minds in your life. Whether you're shopping for kids, teens, or adult science enthusiasts, our vast collection of science kits, toys, and educational sets will surely add excitement and learning to their day.

Explore Our Top-Rated Science Kits and Toys

Our science kits are not just fun; they're educational, designed to spark interest in STEM fields. From chemistry labs to solar system models, each kit and toy is chosen for its ability to create a love for learning. Kids and teens can learn about the world around them in a hands-on way. Be sure to view our customer reviews to see why these are some of our best-rated products.

Find the Perfect Gift for Every Age and Interest

Whether you're shopping for a young scientist or a teen aspiring to be the next Einstein, we've got you covered. Our products are tailored to suit every age group, ensuring that the gift you choose is age-appropriate and engaging. From activity sets for younger kids to more advanced experiments for older children, there's something for everyone.

Great Deals on Educational Science Toys and Kits

Looking for a bargain? Check out our sale section where you can add top-quality science toys and kits to your cart at a fraction of the price. These items are perfect for parents and educators looking to shop on a budget without compromising on quality. Don't miss out on these great deals!

Shop Our Bundle Offers for More Savings

Our bundle offers are a great way to get more for your money. These bundles often include multiple science kits or toys, allowing you to gift a comprehensive STEM learning experience at a reduced price. Whether you're looking for chemistry sets for girls or space-themed games for boys, our bundles are a great way to shop.

Enhance Learning with Our Fun and Interactive Science Sets

Our science sets are not just toys; they're interactive learning tools that make science fun and accessible. With lab equipment, slides, and activity guides, these sets allow kids to conduct real experiments and learn about the world in a hands-on way. They're perfect for kids who love to explore and create.

Our top 10 most diverse gifts for your science lover!

This section will focus on science gift ideas perfect for any occasion. Many of these gifts are unique and creative, making them the perfect choice for someone looking for a gift that is out of the ordinary.

Our top 10 most diverse gifts for your science lover:

  • Star Projector
  • Newton's Mirror Ball Pendulum
  • Flipo Flip Anti-Stress
  • Crystal Barometer
  • Scientific Metal Gyroscope
  • Spherical Shield
  • 6-Sided Prisms
  • Periodic Table with real element.
  • Slow Motion Frame

In conclusion, Science Decor is your one-stop shop for all things science. From educational toys and kits to fun experiments and lab equipment, our collection has everything you need to create the perfect gift for the scientist in your life. Whether you're shopping for Christmas, birthdays, or just because, you'll find the best science gifts right here.

Don't forget to add your favorite items to your cart and check out our customer reviews to see why we're a top rated site for science gifts For even more choices, head over to our news section to expand your science gift selection.

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