The World's Best Science Museums  Science Decor

The World's Best Science Museums

In this article, we'll introduce you to the world's best science museums, where you can explore extraordinary collections, interact with interactive exhibits and marvel at fascinating scientific ob...

What is the stroboscopic effect ?  Science Decor

What is the stroboscopic effect ?

The strobe effect occurs when a series of still images are captured at a high shutter speed and then presented one after the other. The images appear to flicker, like a strobe light. It looks as if...

How are the crystals formed ?  Science Decor

How are the crystals formed ?

Crystals are everywhere. You can find them in nature, in your tools or even in your kitchen. But, have you ever wondered how these materials are formed ? The unique patterns of each crystal depend ...

What is a Klein Bottle ?  Science Decor

What is a Klein Bottle ?

A klein bottle is a surface that has neither inside nor outside. It is like a MΓΆbius strip cut in half and put back together, with a little magic fairy to make it even stranger.

Known Scientist List  Science Decor

Known Scientist List

AΒ scientistΒ is a person who uses science and conducts research to advance knowledge. Scientists are involved in fields such as the natural sciences, abstract sciences, applied arts, sciences, mathe...

Newton's Laws of Motion  Science Decor

Newton's Laws of Motion

Also called Newtonian mechanics or classical mechanics, Newton's laws of motion are often used in the treatment of mechanics exercises. In other words, they are well known to high school students, ...