Rough Green Tourmaline

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Are you looking for a unique anchor stone to make a necklace or decorate your home? Discover Raw Green Tourmaline, a very powerful stone that helps you anchor, protect, but also better live the Present Moment.

Verdelite tourmaline is a nature-inspired stone that promotes personal and spiritual development. It amplifies your healing power and self love through the heart chakra. This unique piece will help you develop gifts so that you can move through life with ease.

These high quality green tourmaline crystals are available in a range of bottle green hues. This color represents nature, balance, harmony, fertility, renewal and growth. Perfect for adding flair and magic to your jewelry collection or decorative items.

In contact with this powerful gemstone, you can release the old sorrows of your past so that they no longer have control over your future happiness.

This is nothing new, the stone has been used since ancient times in India, Tibet and even throughout the Mediterranean basin, where it was considered a sacred object that could bring benefits such as protection from negative energies or illness. In addition, these stones helped people overcome anxiety disorders or depression that were often due to some sort of imbalance between the body and mind

Raw Green Tourmaline and its virtues in Lithotherapy

✔ Green tourmaline stone is an excellent way to bring peace and serenity into your life.

✔ It can help you find calm while resting or sleeping.

✔ It is perfect for children who suffer from night fears, as this soothing mineral works on both the body and mind.

✔ It provides clarity of thought in order to make good decisions.

✔ It helps to heal oneself from destructive emotions and protect oneself from electromagnetic waves.

✔ Raw green tourmaline also enhances self-confidence and courage, which go hand in hand with happiness.


  • Finish: Verdelite
  • Style: Feng Shui
  • Weight: 20g, 50g, 100g

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