Multicolor Plasma Lamp

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Always wanted to own your own magic ball? Now you can with our amazing multi-colored plasma lamp. This elegant lamp is perfect for any room in your home and can be powered by batteries or USB. Plus, it has a touch sensor so you can control the light show yourself!

With its beautiful colors and hypnotic effect, this light is sure to add magic to any room. Give your home the scientific edge it deserves with our plasma light today!

The perfect addition to any room

It's hard to find cool, unique lamps that add a touch of personality to your home decor! Most lamps are either too standard or too traditional. They don't really add anything special to the room.

The multicolor plasma lamp is the solution. This lamp is not only stylish and modern, but it also has a fun interactive element. You can control the colors and patterns of the light with the touch of a finger.

Add a touch of magic to your decor

You're tired of your boring old lamp and want to add some color to your room. You've tried using a plasma ball before, but it never worked for you!

Imagine having an amazing light show in the palm of your hand. It's small enough to sit on a table or desk. And since it uses a mixture of gases to give it its three colors Red with Neon, Blue with Xenon, Green with Oxygen.

The Multicolor Plasma Lamp is a revolutionary new way to bring color to any space, at any time. With its stunning design and incredible ease of use, the Plasma lamp has redefined what a touch lamp should be.

Order your very own Plasma Multicolor lamp today!


Finish: Glass, ABS
Lighting: LED
Style: Postmodernism
Dimensions: Diameter Large Sphere 20cm, Diameter Small Sphere 15cm, Width of base 12cm, Height of base 9cm

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