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Original Wall Clock Led Rocket Science DecorOriginal Wall Clock Led Rocket Science Decor
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Original Wall Clock Periodic Led Elements Science DecorOriginal Wall Clock Periodic Led Elements Science Decor
Original Wall Clock Led World Map Science DecorOriginal Wall Clock Led World Map Science Decor
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Original Wall Clock Neon Space Science DecorOriginal Wall Clock Neon Space Science Decor
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What is an original wall clock?

Wall clocks have been around since the 17th century, and they've evolved a lot over time. Inspired by fob watches, or quartz watches with dials, we have evolved to the pendulum clock, the large clock and then finally the wall clock designed most often in wood, metal or brass, they are now part of a vintage style or retro clock.

The original wall clock redefines these styles, still keeping certain bases like wood or gray metal, and in return shows a more modern design side with these outlines dedicated especially to the Science of Geometry.

In the old days, the wall clock in home decor was most often used to display the time zones of the day, but they could also be used to display other information such as the temperature with a thermometer, the phases of the moon or even the date in Roman numerals.

Original wall clocks take the same concept and add a touch of originality and uniqueness to your homeas decorative objects. So we get out of the classic round wall clock with a modern wall clock! Instead, they are a unique and creative way to decorate your walls and make them stand out.

Our decorative clocks are dedicated solely to Science and can be found in different shapes, sizes, colors, and even different materials (stainless steel, alu, abs, stainless steel, etc.) that you can think of.

What are the benefits of owning an original wall clock?

Wall clocks are beneficial for telling time, as they provide the essential element, time,place it strategically so that everyone can see it such as kitchen wall clocks. This is especially important if you have children who need to know and learn the time. Giant clocks also help to reduce the risk of someone forgetting what time it is, which is important when you have an important meeting or appointment coming up.

The original wall clock is also a silent wall clock, because the clock mechanism especially the movement of the hands with its "TIC-TAC" and the gears, were improved over time by the clockmaker. Nothing to do with an old clock! The readability was also corrected to bring a cleaner touch to the numbers.

Original wall clocks are a great addition to any space. They can be the perfect finishing touch to a room, and they also serve as a decorative object. There are many different types of original wall clocks on the themes of astronomy, mathematics, chemistry, or even physics, so you get the idea, there is something for everyone!


Choose a perfect place for your original wall clock.

If you are looking for a perfect place to hang your original, science-themed wall clock, you should consider the following options:

1. Your kitchen or living room is a room where everyone passes during the day with an original wall clock with a timer, no way to miss it!

2. Hang your giant wall clock in the hallway to display the time for all family members leaving or coming home.

3. Put it with hooks on your bedroom wall or kid's room to see what time you wake up in the morning!


How to easily install your original wall clock

We'll walk through the process of installing your original wall clock.

-First, find a place that is visible to everyone and neutral to avoid overloading your wall.

- Then use a level to make sure it is straight.

- Drill pilot holes for the hook screws on the back of the clock.

- Next, remove the bracket from the clock and place it on your wall so you can see where it needs to be screwed.

- Finally, use an electric drill or screwdriver to screw in the hooks.

The best original wall clocks to combine practicality and modernity!

In conclusion, you will be forced to note that the best placed original wall clocks are all of high quality. They each have their own advantages and unique scientific atmosphere and as such, you can choose the one that best suits your needs. As well as a light fixture to illuminate your interior wall decoration!

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