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Slow Motion Frame Science DecorSlow Motion Frame Science Decor
Sale price$99.99
Blue Plasma Lamp Science DecorBlue Plasma Lamp Science Decor
Sale priceFrom $49.99
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Lava Lamp Science DecorLava Lamp Science Decor
Sale price$59.99
Ocean Projector Science DecorOcean Projector Science Decor
Sale price$49.99
Multicolored Sunset Lamp Science DecorMulticolored Sunset Lamp Science Decor
Sale price$29.99
Flying Saucer Magnetic Lamp Science DecorUFO Magnetic Levitation Science Decor
Sale price$229.99
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Plasma Tube Lamp Science DecorPlasma Tube Lamp Science Decor
Sale price$79.99
Wireless Charging Desk Lamp Science DecorWireless Charging Desk Lamp Science Decor
Sale priceFrom $38.99
Coral night light Science DecorCoral night light Science Decor
Sale price$29.99
Strobe Fountain Science DecorStrobe Fountain Science Decor
Sale price$199.99
Moon night light Science DecorMoon night light Science Decor
Sale priceFrom $32.99
Astronaut Galaxy Projector Science DecorAstronaut Galaxy Projector Science Decor
Sale price$59.99
Heng Balance Mini lamp Science DecorHeng Balance Mini lamp Science Decor
Sale price$28.99
Magnetic Levitation Bluetooth Speaker Astronaut Science DecorMagnetic Levitation Bluetooth Speaker Astronaut Science Decor
Magnetic Levitation Bulb Science DecorMagnetic Levitation Bulb Science Decor
Sale price$134.99
Circle Bulb Magnetic Lamp Science DecorCircle Bulb Magnetic Lamp Science Decor
Sale price$124.99
Plasma Lamp Dragon Head Science DecorPlasma Lamp Dragon Head Science Decor
Sale price$49.99
Volcanic Lamp Science Decor
Sale price$29.99
Star Projector Science DecorStar Projector Science Decor
Sale price$59.99
Astronaut and Moon Nightlight Science Decor

Light up your home with our Scientific Lighting Fixtures!

Why choose our scientific lights in your home?

Our science lights aren't just beautiful, they're efficient too! They're designed to provide a lot of light without using a lot of energy. In fact, the light that comes from these lamps is created by LED bulbs which consume less energy and emit very little heat.

In addition, our lights come with different features such as timers and remote controls so you can control your lighting in the way that works best for you.

In the future, we'll be using technology to make your everyday life more comfortable. These are lamp lava collections that can be used as lighting systems.

How do I make my choice of science lights?

Our fervent designers and researchers have designed some of the best lights of this decade for you, take your pick from these 4 styles of lights:

The heng balance lamp is a type of lamp that has a special design that allows it to light up by electromagnetic field. It also has different designs so you can adapt it to different interiors and use it on your desk, table or other surfaces.

Anti-gravity lamp is a type of lamp that can be controlled with strobes to make objects or water float. It also changes its shape or design depending on what you want.

Night lights are lamps used for light therapy and to calm down at night. They are often used in children's rooms, as they help them sleep better at night and have a better mood during the day.

The Galaxy Projector is a projector that can be installed anywhere in your home and projects images from space onto your walls or ceiling, creating a beautiful and mesmerizing 3D holographic experience. The device is controlled by an app or remote control and can be used to project anything from galaxies to the northern lights.

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