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Magnetic Perpetual Calendar Science DecorMagnetic Perpetual Calendar Science Decor
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Storm Glass Death Skull Shape Science DecorStorm Glass Death Skull Shape Science Decor
6 Face Prism Science Decor6 Face Prism Science Decor
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Slow Motion Frame Science DecorSlow Motion Frame Science Decor
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Colorful Magnetic Hourglass Science DecorColorful Magnetic Hourglass Science Decor
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European Retro Metal Hourglass Science DecorEuropean Retro Metal Hourglass Science Decor
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Magnetic Globe Science DecorMagnetic Globe Science Decor
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Irregular Hourglass Science DecorIrregular Hourglass Science Decor
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Spherical Hourglass Science DecorSpherical Hourglass Science Decor
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Colorful Pyramid Prism Science DecorColorful Pyramid Prism Science Decor
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Erlenmeyer flask Science DecorErlenmeyer flask Science Decor
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Luminous Hourglass Science DecorLuminous Hourglass Science Decor
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White Sand European Hourglass Science DecorWhite Sand European Hourglass Science Decor
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Storm Glass Diamond Shape Science DecorStorm Glass Diamond Shape Science Decor
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Raw Pyrite And Minerals Crystal Science DecorRaw Pyrite And Minerals Crystal Science Decor
Sale price$22.99
Strobe Fountain Science DecorStrobe Fountain Science Decor
Sale price$199.99
Storm Glass Heart Shape Science DecorStorm Glass Heart Shape Science Decor
Sale price$39.99
Dichroic Rectangle Prism Science DecorDichroic Rectangle Prism Science Decor
Sale price$16.99
Colorful Cube Prism Science DecorColorful Cube Prism Science Decor
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Figurine Astronauts Musicians Science DecorFigurine Astronauts Musicians Science Decor
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The science of decorating your home with science-inspired objects

What is science in "science decorating"

The idea of scientific decoration is an art movement that began in the early 20th century. It was a movement to make living spaces more aesthetically pleasing by adding scientific elements to the decor. This was done through the use of laboratory equipment, measuring instruments and other scientific objects all related in different universes such as astronomy, chemistry, biology or even physics with these Newton clocks.

The movement was also called "modernism" and "art nouveau." These terms refer to an artistic style characterized by natural forms and asymmetrical shapes. The deco science is often created with organic materials such as wood, stones and crystals, and metal.


Is scientific decorating the right choice for your home or office?

Decorating your home or office with scientific decor is a great way to show off your interests and passions. For example, if you're a chemist, you can display photos of experiments you've done. If you love astronomy, display posters of stars and planets. If you like chemistry, put up posters of the periodic table.

These are just a few of the many ways that decorating with science decor can help make your living or work space more inviting and enjoyable.


4 things you didn't know about scientific instruments as decorative objects

In the modern world, scientists don't just use their instruments for research. There is a trend of using scientific instruments as decorative objects. This can be seen in some homes and high-end work offices.

1) Scientific instruments have been used as decorative objects since the 20th century, when they were first imported from China to Europe.

2) The trend of using scientific tools as decorative objects is thought to have begun with a 19th century French physicist named Gabriel Lippmann who hadan entire room dedicated to his collection of scientific instruments.

3) The Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History has an exhibit on this topic that includes an interactive exhibit where visitors can test their knowledge of various scientific tools.

4) Scientists and researchers now go beyond their work, using their instruments for decorative purposes in their homes or offices. Something to give inspiration for our science enthusiasts!


Conclusion: where can you find the most articles for a science setting?

In recent years, science has become more popular than ever because of its diversity and dedication to changing our World. That's why it's no surprise that many people want to draw inspiration from this to decorate their homes with science-related items. But where do they find these objects?

This Decoration Science collection will provide you with some good suggestions on how to find the most scientific items, such as measuring instruments, globes, magnetic hourglasses, but also stones and crystals for a more natural (Feng Shui) side, finally, you will be able to transform the interior of your favorite room into a sumptuous scientific museum.

To complete your living space, you can start the transformation of your atmosphere with astronaut or diver figurines that will finalize your scientific decoration.

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