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Magnetic Perpetual Calendar Science DecorMagnetic Perpetual Calendar Science Decor
Sale price$39.99
Klein bottle Science DecorKlein bottle Science Decor
Sale priceFrom $29.99
Triangular Color Prism Science DecorTriangular Color Prism Science Decor
Sale priceFrom $17.99
Storm Glass Science DecorStorm Glass Science Decor
Sale priceFrom $24.99
Storm Glass Death Skull Shape Science DecorStorm Glass Death Skull Shape Science Decor
Scientific Metal Gyroscope Science DecorScientific Metal Gyroscope Science Decor
Sale price$19.99
6 Face Prism Science Decor6 Face Prism Science Decor
Sale price$19.99
Silver Metal Newton Balls Science DecorSilver Metal Newton Balls Science Decor
Sale price$69.99
Galileo Tube Thermometer Science DecorGalileo Tube Thermometer Science Decor
Sale priceFrom $39.99
Oil and Vinegar Chemist Science DecorOil and Vinegar Chemist Science Decor
Sale priceFrom $19.99
Spinning Top Gyroscope Science DecorSpinning Top Gyroscope Science Decor
Sale price$15.99
Musical Tesla Coil  With Acrylic Shell Science DecorMusical Tesla Coil  With Acrylic Shell Science Decor
Slow Motion Frame Science DecorSlow Motion Frame Science Decor
Sale price$99.99
Vortecon Anti-Stress Gyro Science DecorVortecon Anti-Stress Gyro Science Decor
Sale price$18.99
Large Optical Glass Cube Prism Science DecorLarge Optical Glass Cube Prism Science Decor
Sale priceFrom $16.99
Blue Plasma Lamp Science DecorBlue Plasma Lamp Science Decor
Sale priceFrom $49.99
Colorful Magnetic Hourglass Science DecorColorful Magnetic Hourglass Science Decor
Sale price$29.99
Magnetic Solar System Science DecorMagnetic Solar System Science Decor
Sale price$22.99
Newton's Pendulum Infinite Science DecorNewton's Pendulum Infinite Science Decor
Sale price$199.99
Lava Lamp Science DecorLava Lamp Science Decor
Sale price$59.99

Create your own scientific atmosphere with our decorative objects

Are you passionate about science and want to add an original and instructive touch to your interior design ? You've come to the right place! Our scientific decor collection offers you a selection of educational and inspiring objects to give your bedroom, living room or office a unique ambience. On this page, we'll explore the different areas of science represented in our collections and how you can use them to create scientific atmospheres in your home.

Scientific atmospheres for all tastes

Our science décor collections offer a variety of objects to suit all tastes. If you're passionate about astronomy, you can opt for our selection of constellation lights or our solar wall clock. For biology fans, our collection of scientific paintings offers artistic representations of cells, DNA or the structure of the human eye. For chemistry fans, our selection of levitating vases or plasma lamps reproduce fascinating chemical reactions. Geology enthusiasts will appreciate our selection of 3D terrestrial globes and natural stone wall clocks.

Educational decoration

Our scientific decoration collections are not only aesthetically pleasing, they're also educational. The objects we select are designed to make learning fun for everyone. For example, you can use our geometry boards to teach your children about shapes and angles, or our Newton pendulum to explain the movement of bodies in physics. Likewise, our selection of science books or educational puzzles offer a fun way to learn more about different areas of science.

A scientific touch in every room

Whether you want to give your bedroom, living room or office a scientific feel, our collection of scientific décor offers a variety of options for every room in your home. For example, you can opt for our strobe fountain to give your office a futuristic touch, or our magnetic lamp for a soothing ambience in your bedroom. Constellation lights can also be an interesting option for a relaxing ambience in your living room.

A quality collection

All the scientific objects in our collections are carefully selected for their quality and authenticity. We work with trusted suppliers to bring you products of the highest quality. What's more, our team of editors is constantly working to provide accurate and interesting information on each science object or science news item, so you can learn more about the science around us while decorating your home.


Scientific atmospheres are a unique and original way to personalize your home while learning new things about the World. Our scientific decor collections offer you a variety of options for creating scientific atmospheres in every room of your home.

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