The Best Science News sites

The Best Science News sites  Science Decor

The Internet was created by researchers around fifty years ago. Also, the web is the illustrious work of scientists around 1990 or so. When the web developed, it guaranteed, in return, that individuals could learn about scientific subjects. Scientists use the web as a dissemination device. They also use it to request information and experiences from the general public.

In fact, the web is overflowing with competing science news sites from the most qualified to the most generalist. But who are the real players, then, who manage to keep their audience on track? In this section, find a selection of the best science news sites. Pour La Science, Futura Science or Actualités Houssenia Writing are sure values.

Futura Science

First in the selection, and certainly among the best and uneven, is Futura Science. This news site dedicated to science has been around for a long time. It discusses some of the most diverse news such as space, physics and even astronomy. Futura Science also has multiple satellite sites with blogs and forums run by expert researchers.

Pour La Science

Pour La Science is also one of the best science news sites, even though it is not really a news site. Indeed, it is more of a science outreach site where experts can have their voices heard. In a way, it is like "The Conversation US", but politicians and marketers have spammed the French version. This famous platform will take precedence over fundamental articles written by professionals in their field.

News Houssenia Writing

Actuality Houssenia Writing is a platform for science news in the areas of science, technology, health and translations. This site also offers the latest scientific research on pharmacology, genetics, psychology, paleontology and archaeology. Most often, this news site produces trenchant articles on the abuse and corruption of science. It is characterized by its various useful and necessary rants.


TrustMyScience is a webzine founded in 2016, known for its countless science news decorated with passion and rigor. This site deals with the freshest news in science and technology. It is about mathematics, technology, nature, chemistry and physics. But not only! The site also features reviews of science fiction movies, dubious articles and even questions and answers. Yes, this site hardly misses the big world news.


Sciences 2 is a blog founded in 2008 by journalist Sylvestre Huet. This journalist expert in scientific subjects is also the author of various books on climate and nuclear power. The various columns tackle scientific news topics. They allow for discussions on countless topics: research policy, environment, climate, technology, health, biology, nuclear, space, energy, etc.

Ciel & Espace

In principle, Ciel & Espace is a bimonthly magazine, mainly reserved for the sciences of the Universe, published by the French Astronomical Association. But this site also deals with information particularly associated with space. Nonetheless, there are multiple articles for purchase incentives and advertising. This magazine is also presented in the form of podcasts and special issues.

The blob, the extra-media

This is an entirely free science news site initiated by Universcience around the beginning of 2019. It is aimed at absolutely everyone, "The blob, the extra-media" aims at the news of the research universe. Controversies, discoveries, issues, and changes come together in a planning network reiterated daily. Namely: thought-provoking programs, reports, interviews, series, documentaries, etc.

The Conversation

The Conversation is a news analysis and information site that is completely free. It publishes stories written by academics and scientists for public consumption. The aim is to allow an optimal conception of the information and the most complicated themes. These are, above all, scientific, environmental and technological topics. The Conversation was founded in March 2011 in Australia, in May 2013 in the United Kingdom, in November 2014 in the United States, in June 2015 in Africa and in September 2015 in France.

Techno sciences

Techno sciences is a news platform launched in 2004, edited by the association It focuses on the latest technical and scientific information. It also insists on a panoply of files on diversified subjects such as the fuel cell, skyscrapers, the Airbus A380, black holes, etc.

Agence science-presse

Founded in Montreal in 1978, Agence science-presse is a non-profit Quebec news agency. It feeds the Quebec media with science, environmental and technology information. Agence science-presse's news briefs and columns have been published on its web page since 1996. The agency also runs "The Rumor Detector," a fact-checking column.

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